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Who we are ?

  • A family story ...

    It all started in 2002 on the markets, Michel MATHIEU the founder and his son then embark on the sale of soaps of Aleppo. Quickly, and faced with the evolution of demand, Ludovic MATHIEU takes over the head of the laboratory, approaches pharmacies and parapharmacies of the region while developing several ranges of natural products. In 2018, he decided to embark on a new universe: that of certified organic cosmetics...

    Today, we have developed a consistent distribution network with pharmacies and parapharmacies that offer qualitative, personalized and controlled advice to customers. This evolution has enabled us today to distribute our products to more than 8,000 partner pharmacies, which are increasingly trusting us and approving all of our products. So ready to join the adventure?

  • Our values and commitments

    Every aspect of our commitment is imbued with a passion for the preservation of our planet. We are proud of our eco-responsible approach, our environmentally friendly products and our commitment to creating a positive impact through simple but meaningful choices.

    By choosing our products, you are part of a community that shares the values of sustainability, responsibility and respect for nature. Together we work for a better future.

  • Our products

    At MKL Green Nature, a wide range of certified organic cosmetics and food products is offered to meet the pleasures and needs of all: deodorants, shampoos, shower gels, solid soaps, moisturizers, body milks, face masks, lip balms, Aloe vera juice to drink…

    From research to production, it is by being inspired by nature, that we are committed to offer a fair balance between vegetable compositions and recyclable packaging respectful of man and the environment. A mastery and know-how that guarantee you an optimal quality!