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MKL Green Nature was established in 2002 in Escalquens, near Toulouse. We are a small, people-first manufacturing lab that works with local producers and suppliers in the Occitanie region or in France using an ethical and eco-friendly approach. 

Our family-run business draws inspiration from nature for everything from research to production. We offer the right balance of plant-based compositions and recyclable packaging that respect people and the environment. 

We offer a wide variety of certified organic cosmetics and food products, so you can find everything you need and want, including deodorants, shampoos, shower gels, solid soaps, moisturising cream, body milks, face masks, lip balms, aloe vera juice beverages, tea and more. 

Our research and development unit creates new formulas in line with our ethics that are gentle on your skin and the environment.   

We carefully choose all of our active ingredients to meet the needs of your skin. We are constantly exploring new innovations to offer you natural ingredients that provide therapeutic or dermocosmetic value. We are proud that our products are certified and we try to offer you the most natural products possible.


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