Aleppo Soap 120grs

This soap Aleppo is based Laurel berry oil and olive oil which gives it all its virtues. Soothing and softening it will be the best ally of problem skin, sensitive and irritated skin. Weight 120grs.
Olive oil Noble laurel oil

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Olive Oil nourishes, softens skin, dilated pores, allowing efficient washing thoroughly.

Laurel Butter restores the hydrolipidic protective film on the skin and gives the Aleppo soap its highest virtues.

Daily use for face and body is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and subject to skin irritations, redness, skin problems ... the Machine surface: it cleans skin imperfections (dander ...), the scalp of his small problems (dandruff, itching ...).

It is also used as a shampoo (1-2 times a week) as facial mask (leave on for one minute and then rinse with clear water), such as shaving cream.

Use & Composition

Daily use for face and body is particularly suitable for sensitive skin and subject to skin irritations, redness, the skin problems ...
Surface mechanical actionit cleans skin imperfections (dander ...), scalp of his small problems (dandruff, itching) ...
 It is also used as a shampoo (1-2 times a week) as facial mask (leave on for one minute and then rinse with clear water), such as shaving cream...

Weight : 200grs

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