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About Us

We believe nature should be the foundation of beauty products. We work hard to select the best ingredients from all corners of the planet to create effective products that enhance your beauty. Our lab was established in 2002 near Toulouse. Our name, MKL, is composed of the first letter of our founder’s last name and the first letters of his two eldest children’s first names. The name MKL Green Nature expresses our lab’s identity: a small, family-owned, people-first company focused on beauty products that draw the best from nature.

Our products are based on our ancestors’ traditional formulas whose effectiveness has never been questioned. Timeless products like Aleppo soap, black soap and Marseille soap remind us of our grandparents and that cosmetics do not need to be complicated to be effective.

We prioritise natural active ingredients carefully selected to offer you products that work.Quality is the foundation of all our beauty product ranges which is why they are made in France where inspections are strict, regular and unannounced.

All of our cosmetics are tested on a panel of volunteers, not on animals. We guarantee they are free from paraben, aluminium chlorohydrate, alcohol and animal fat.

We have developed a cohesive distribution network at pharmacies and chemists that provide personalised, informed advice to customers. We created this site to offer our products to people who cannot buy them in chemists and pharmacies since many often requested this. We actively work to reduce waste by putting as much product information as possible on the back of our containers instead of leaflets and unnecessary packaging.

In keeping with our lab’s small, family-run, people-first identity, we support the departmental qualifying selections for Miss Midi Pyrénées, future participant in the Miss France competition. We also support the ACR basketball club in Castéra Verduzan, a thermal village in the Gers department.