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Alum Stone 250gr

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Easy to use and 100% natural, stone Alum will become the essential complement of your personal hygiene, offering a feeling of freshness and a safe and discreet protection that lasts all day. On mineral, stone Alum is softening, moisturizing and astringent. The flow of perspiration is controlled without being blocked. Weight: 250gr.


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Non allergenic, non-irritating, fragrance, no alcohol, no coloring or aluminum chlorohydrate and paraben free, the Alum can be used daily.


Potassium alum the properties are already known for several thousand years before Christ, he is even reported in an Egyptian papyrus. Used since ancient times by the Greeks and Romans as a cosmetic product and in the dyeing industry, where it was used to fix the colors. Other potassium alum stone came then uses them as complete water treatment by flocculation, detergents, mouthwash, modeling clay ... Many medical books are reporting using Alum stone Potassium surgery or in the treatment of various pathologies. "Sel Very formerly known since Hippocrates speaks; taken from the first of Levant, where they exist, as well as in other parts of the world, considerable mass, named Aluminières [...] It is a strong astringent; and, as such, it passes for styptic and antiseptic. It was touted in a host of diseases "(Source: Universal Dictionary of Materia Medica and General Therapeutics, 1837) The main alum stone producing countries are America, Australia, China, Japan, Russia which is extracted alunite. In Europe, alum was produced mainly by Italy; France and Hungary had for their poor performance of deposits.

Skip Alum moistened with warm water on the body parts you want to process (face, underarms, legs, feet).
An invisible film of mineral salts is then deposited, thereby controlling perspiration and preventing the development of bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors.
Always moistened with cold water, Alun stone is ideal for after shaving and waxing, it provides unequaled comfort.
After use, wipe or ask your Alum on a tissue, and its useful life is measured in years ...

Weight: 250 gr

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