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Gamme Aloe Vera

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    • Repair Gel Body Aloe Vera BIO

      Our repair gel BIO body repairs, soothes and moisturizes in depth the damaged, irritated or dry. Aloe Vera is your best ally to calm irritated skin after sun exposure, waxing or an insect bite. It boosts collagen formation and thus helps reduce stretch marks. Capacity: 200ml.99% NATURAL ingredients

      8,90 €
    • Restorative Cream Aloe Vera BIO

      Our repair cream 3in1 BIO Aloe Vera is composed of 4 essential natural assets repair and moisturizing the delicate skin: Aloe Vera, oil Apricot Seed, Argan oil and butter shea. Repair Cream FACE BODY HANDS. Capacity: 150ml.98.9% NATURAL ingredients

      8,90 €
    • Lip Balm Aloe Vera BIO

      Our lip balm Aloe Vera BIO has 4 essential natural ingredients to hydrate lips: Aloe Vera, honey, argan oil and sunflower oil. Our balm leaves a delicate sweet smell on your lips, it does not stain and can be used daily by the entire family. Capacity: 10ml.100% NATURAL ingredients

      5,90 €