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Collection of 5 balms SHIZEN herbal and essential oils for 5 objectives: calming headaches , ease respiratory problems , repair the cracks , relieve muscles and joints, reduce bruises and bumps. A slip into a purse or pocket for use in everyday practice .


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  • Shiro Balm

    Balm SHIZEN Shiro respiratory massage consists of 6 natural ingredients: Camphor and menthol are associated with essential oils Ravintsara of Siberian pine, Niaouli and Eucalyptus Globulus.This association is an active stimulant to clear the airway. Capacity: 15ml.

    6,90 €
  • Balm Aka

    The Aka balm consists of 6 natural assets: the power of the pepper oleoresin will provide a feeling of heat and associated with Camphor, Menthol, harpagophytum, and essential oils of wintergreen, juniper will relieve your joints, your muscles and other body pain as back pain. Capacity: 15ml.

    6,90 €
  • Orenji Balm

    The flower of Arnica Montana is traditionally used for the treatment of small benign injuries: bruises, bumps, blows ... Thanks to its high content of oily macerate associated with Arnica Menthol Balm soothes Orenji minor injuries. Moreover, its nourishing and restorative base allows the skin to quickly regain its healthy appearance. Capacity: 15ml.

    6,90 €
  • Ao Balm

    To act on the crevices BAUME SHIZEN Ao consists of 4 natural assets. Calendula (healing, soothing and softening) the Lanolin (moisturizes and protects the skin barrier), the Shea Butter (soothes, calms irritation and facilitates healing) and sweet almond oil (emollient, softening and soothing to the skin). Capacity: 15ml.

    6,90 €
  • Murasaki Balm

    Balm SHIZEN Murasaki consists of 6 natural assets including 5 essential oils: Camphor and essential oils Peppermint, Basil, with small grains Bigaradier, Chamomile and Rosemary. This balm is designed to soothe your headache by massaging your temples. Capacity: 15ml.

    6,90 €
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