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Alum Deodorant

With deodorants to Alum rediscover the pleasure of a breast deodorant combines efficiency and respect for the skin. Available in spray, stick, roll-on or under its simplest form the Alum stone , you will find the format that suits you.


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    • Alun Roll-on BIO

      Thanks to the astringent and antibacterial properties alum stone Alum Deodorant Roll-on BIO regulates perspiration and reduce the formation of bacteria responsible for bad odors. Aloe Vera to soothe and nourish your armpits. Capacity: 50ml.

      9,90 €
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    • Alum Stone 250gr

      Easy to use and 100% natural, stone Alum will become the essential complement of your personal hygiene, offering a feeling of freshness and a safe and discreet protection that lasts all day. On mineral, stone Alum is softening, moisturizing and astringent. The flow of perspiration is controlled without being blocked. Weight: 250gr.100% NATURAL

      13,90 €
    • Alum Stick 80gr

      Easy to use, stick Alum applies to wet skin, it glides over the skin and deposits an invisible film that limits the development of unpleasant odors without blocking perspiration. Its mineral gives it soothing properties, moisturizing and astringent. Weight: 80g.100% NATURAL

      8,90 €
    • Alun spray BIO

      Deo Alum Spay BIO combines the astringent and antibacterial capabilities of the Alum power perspiration regulator of sage water. Aloe Vera to soothe and nourish your armpits.Capacity: 75ml

      8,90 €
    • Alun Roll-on BIO parfumed

      The Alum deodorant Roll-on BIO "spring flowers" neutralizes odors thanks to Alum. Aloe Vera will leave your armpits soft and hydrated. A rich and floral note that envelops your skin a delicate and feminine fragrance.Capacity: 50ml.

      9,90 €
    • Pencil Small Cuts

      The styptic pencil stops bleeding due to cuts (shaves, scratches ...) and quiet buttons and the fire itching sensation after shaving.Weight: 10g

      5,10 €