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  • Aleppo Soap Range
    Aleppo Soap Range

    Aleppo soap is oil based in Laurel berries and olive oil which gives it all its virtues. Soothing and softening it will be the best ally of problem skin, sensitive and irritated skin. Discover the form of cube of soap or liquid soap.

  • Marseille Soaps Range
    Marseille Soaps Range

    The Marseille soaps are enriched with Argan oil and various essential oils. Discover their scents: gourmand, floral, or fruity. Moisturizers they leave the skin soft.

  • Range Exfoliation Hammam
    Range Exfoliation Hammam

    Make the real oriental exfoliation kessa associated with the black soap to exfoliate dead skin and other toxins. The Kessa is a crepe glove of Moroccan origin. To moisturize your skin after using the scrub Moisturizing Milk MKL green Nature Argan Oil and Olive, your skin will be cleansed and moisturized.

  • Marseille Soaps Solid
    Marseille Soaps Solid

    Range of Marseille soaps 100 grams SURGRAS solid declined in 11 fragrances. Enriched with shea butter, Marseille soaps are 100% vegetable oil compounds. Perfumes available: Monoi oil, citrus flowers (exfoliant), Shea butter, donkey milk, argan oil, Aloe Vera, verbena, lavender, peach (exfoliant), vanilla islands and Algae.

  • Shower Gels
    Shower Gels